Handmade luxurious embroidery lace dog clothes wedding dresses

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      Looking for a stylish and fashionable dress for your dear puppy? This handmade embroidery lace dress is perfect for her. The lace dress is a must-have dress for every pet for wedding seasons.

      This handmade outfit is designed as per a dog’s need and comfort. Made of lightweight and durable high-quality lace fabric. It gives a soft, warm and smooth feel to her fur and skin. The neck and arm girths have soft linen for easy movements.

      The pink linen and white outer layer make it look attractive and very unique. The whole dress is made of lace with floral embroidery all over it. The collar also has small flare lace designs. Waistline has a big bow in it. The dress covers her whole body.

      Product Specifications:

      Type: Dogs
      Material: 100% Cotton
      Pattern: Floral
      Season: All Seasons
      Color: White
      Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

      Brand Information

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