Adjustable Escape Proof Dog Harness

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      One of the most recommended harness by veterinarians and trainers. Most stylish, safe, strong and adjustable escape proof harness for your lovely puppy. Collars can sometimes cause strains to the neck, that’s why harnesses are chosen over collar.

      Made of sturdy and ergonomic designed nylon material that ensures comfort for long hours. Can be used while training, regular jogging, walking or trekking. Two D rings convenient high-quality buckle designed for easy wear and remove.

      The thick oxford cloth has exquisite details and nylon webbing to withstand more pulling. The inner lining has quality fabric is breathable and will not make the dog feel hot. The adjustable buckle inside the harness to extend the sizes according to his needs. The 3M reflective material gives good visibility.

      Product Specifications:

      Type: Dogs
      Pattern: Solid
      Season: Spring/Summer
      Material: Nylon
      Feature: Breakaway
      Dog Harness Type: Vest Harnesses
      Type: Harness and Leash set
      Collar Type: Basic Collars, Pinch Collars

      Brand Information

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