Toys for Puppies and Kittens

Toys for Puppies and Kittens

Are you looking for toys for puppies and kittens? At the Diddo Furry Tails Pet Store, we have the best cat toys, toys for dogs and a range of pet supplies such as dog beds, dog harness, dog leashes, dog Id tags, winter clothing for dogs and much more.

Toys for puppies and kittens are among our best selling products, and this info-guide is targeted at first-time pet owners, people who want to buy toys for kittens or puppies but don’t know much about toys for cats or toys for dogs.

Read This Before Buying Toys for Kittens

Kittens love all sorts of toys and one of the best parts of having a kitten at home is that you get to play with her and her toys. Toys for kittens are good for their brain, they keep them active and healthy. A kitten that enjoys playing with toys will not get bored in the house even when it grows up to be an adult cat. 

What’s the best toy for a kitten? You should know that your kitten has her own mind. You can buy the most expensive cat toy for her, and yet there is a chance that she would find a plastic cap found from the garbage bin more attractive and fun to play with. You should discourage the kitten from picking up random items from the house as there is a chance that it could choke on them.

When buying toys for the kitten, you should think from her perspective – buy what your kitten would like, not what we (humans) think she might or should like.

Kittens love catnip toys or honeysuckle. Just make sure your kitten isn’t sensitive to an essential oil found in the catnip called as nepetalactone. Store the catnip toys in a sealed container in the freezer when the kitten isn’t using them. That keeps the toys, fresh.

Kittens love shiny toys and are endlessly fascinated by them. They also like anything that rolls or moves with the slightest touch. Cats and kittens love any toy that they can carry in the mouth easily. Buy cat toys that are small, lightweight and plush. There are interactive cat toys you may want to buy as well, battery-operated toys that move on their own or make noises like that of a prey. Cats love that!

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Read This Before Buying Toys for Puppies

Puppies love playing with dog toys.  They love rolling around with a toy and can hours and hours with one.

Keep the puppy’s age in mind when buying a toy for him. For a puppy that is only four-weeks old and has his baby teeth, choose something with soft rubber or plush fabrics.

When the puppy is between 3 to 9 months and has proper teething, buy a soft chew toy for him, anything to distract him from chewing on to your shoes or undergarments.

Don’t buy a toy that is too soft, as that could break into pieces and become a choking hazard. If you notice a damaged puppy toy, replace it immediately.

Buy a toy of the right size for the puppy. The toy should be small enough so that he can carry it around in his mouth, but not so small that there is a risk of the puppy swallowing the toy or choking on it.

There are four categories of dog toys you can buy, such as balls, tug toys, treats,  chewables and plush toys. 

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Benefits of Dog Harness vs. Collars

Benefits of Dog Harness vs. Collars

What’s better for a dog – a dog harness or a collar?

At the Diddo Furry Tails Pet Store, we sell several different types and styles of dog harness, dog leash, and collars. The question is should you go for a dog harness or collar for your pet.

What You Should Know About Dog Collars

Most dog owners choose the standard collar because it is comfortable to wear for the pet and is convenient. You can easily attach the dog ID tags to the collar. The problem with collars is that they could lead to neck injuries in case they are misused.

Some dogs have this habit of pulling on the leash; this puts a lot of pressure on their neck, leading to severe injuries. Also, when you are taking your dog for a walk and he tries to run after something or another dog passing by, and you yank him back, that puts a huge amount of pressure on his neck. When this happens too often, the dog could develop a serious neck injury.

There are different types of dog collars, and we certainly don’t recommend some of the dangerous ones such as the choke collar and the pronged collar. The slip collar or the Martingale collar is safe enough – it decreases in size when the dog tries to get off the leash, which ensures that he cannot slip out of the collar.

What You Should Know About Dog Harness

A dog harness is arguably much safer than a dog collar because it takes the pressure off the dog’s neck so that the pressure is well distributed across his back or chest area. The dog harness ensures that there are no injuries caused to the dog’s trachea even when the dog pulls on the leash.

The dog harness makes it easier for the dog owner to control the dog without having to exert much physical strength. Even a senior or a child can control a large or active dog that has a harness on.

 But if the dog has certain behavioral problems and is overly aggressive for some reason, even a harness won’t help you control it. It could, for example, jump all over the place and put a lot of pressure on the leash in an effort to get away. In that case you will have to find different ways to restrain the dog.

There are different types of dog harness to choose from, such as the back attaching and front attaching ones. The harness comes with a clip to which you can attach the dog leash. Whenever the dog tries to pull ahead of you with a lot of force, the harness tightens and slows it down. It is a safe way to control the dog without hurting it in any way.

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How To Report Animal Abuse And Neglect

How To Report Animal Abuse And Neglect

At the Diddo Furry Tails Pet Store, we get a lot of questions from our customers on how to report animal abuse and neglect, should they happen to witness it. So this information is for them and for anyone who cares about animals and wants to prevent their abuse.

Where and How to Report Animal Abuse

The law in the United States takes abuse of animals or any acts of animal cruelty very seriously. Familiarize yourself with your local laws on animal abuse first.

The police are the principal law enforcement agency responsible for investigating any complaints made about animal abuse or animal cruelty. So if you happen to witness any crime against animals, you should get in touch with the local police immediately and register a report with them.

 In some of the states, animal control officers and peace officers have the authority to investigate into complaints about suspected cruelty against animals and arrest those responsible for the crime.

How to Report Animal Cruelty Seen on the Internet

There are many websites or online forums where you can see clearly sick and criminal minded people abusing animals. If you were to see such a site or an image where any cruelty is being done to an animal on the internet, then you should report that to the concerned authorities. Here’s how to do it.

Go to  and do a “whois” search of the site first. Then, get in touch with the site’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) and inform them about the offensive material along with the proof – the website link, images or video.

Next, contact the law enforcement officials from the area where the website owner is from, or get in touch with the FBI, if you suspect systematic abuse of a number of animals.

Call the local animal shelter, the city or county Health Department and register a formal complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

If needed, and if you suspect that someone powerful is involved in the animal abuse, get in touch with local and national media organizations. You will find many journalists on Twitter, for example, who would love the opportunity to expose such cases of animal abuse to the public and force the authorities to take action.

How to Report Animal Cruelty Seen on TV or in the Movies

If you notice any abuse of animals in a TV show or in a movie that you saw recently, take action! Get in touch with the American Humane Association Movie and Television Unit online on their website or call them at (818) 501-0123.

How to Report Cruelty by an Animal Breeder or at a Pet store

If you were to suspect any pet store or animal breeder of animal cruelty, it is important that you should contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). You may call the USDA at (301) 851-3751 or email them at

Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Diddo Furry Tails Pet Store for help. We will put you in touch with the right authorities or give you their contact information.